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Professionals with different and complementary backgrounds, to offer a complete and reliable consulting service

more brings together professionals with different and complementary backgrounds, to offer a complete and reliable consulting service, which is not limited to finding an investment and intermediation, but addresses all the issues and stages of the business, and aims to follow the customer even after the purchase and for the achievement of the objectives set. Our Team can boast knowledge and backgrounds in the legal, financial and managing fields, with the help of external professionals provides advice on cross-border transactions for foreign investors and is able to assist the customer in resolving legal and tax issues from the earliest stages of the transaction, such as the establishment of the most appropriate entity for the purchase, the choice of tax regime, the implementation of any developments in property, the fulfilment of tax, technical and administrative obligations.


more operates with the utmost commitment to every assignment, with organisation, seriousness, honesty and while in the pursuit of the best solution for the individual investment needs of the customer. Our team is highly specialised and has a lot of expertise in this area, making them highly qualified to follow your investments and trading at every stage: from the initial search stage through to the conclusion of the deal. We aim to assist and protect real estate investors not just by addressing everyday matters but by preventing the most common issues based on the consolidated experience and diversified backgrounds of our team. Absolute transparency and professionalism are the two pillars on which our service is based. The customer has constant and up-to-date access to all management data, with the most modern technological tools, and can verify at any time financials, communications with tenants, maintenance and urban planning practices, and in general everything related to property management.